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Mestre Chumbinho

Mestre Chumbinho, originally from Sydney Australia, graduated Master level (black cord) of Capoeira Brazil in 2016 under the direction of Mestre Peixe Ensaboado and has been involved in Capoeira as a player, teacher, and leader for 27 years.

After starting a small team in Sydney’s Central Coast in 2000, Chumbinho then started to travel to Japan to assist in the setting up of the Capoeira Brazil school in Osaka in 2003. In 2005 Chumbinho handed over the reins of the Central Coast branch to be able to move on to another challenge.

That challenge came in the form of relocating to Hong Kong in May 2005 specifically to start teaching Capoeira here and experiment if this art form and culture from Brazil would fit into and be accepted by a culture that already has its own long history and roots in its own style of martial arts. At that time there was no Capoeira in Hong Kong so that made him the first to open a school of Capoeira in the region.

Since then Chumbinho has been able to bring Capoeira into the lives of thousands of Hong Kong people personally through workshops, performance, and demonstrations and have also been able to demonstrate Capoeira to the millions of people through means of media such as television, newspapers, and magazines.

Currently Mestre Chumbinho holds these positions within the Capoeira community:
  Founder & Master of GCBHK Capoeira Hong Kong.
  Master of GCBSZ Cappoeira Shenzhen.
  Supervising Master of GCBGZ Capoeira Guangzhou.
  President of The Capoeira Federation of Hong Kong, China.
  Chairman of The Capoeira Federation of Hong Kong, China.
  Chairman of the Referee Commission of the World Capoeira Federarion.
  Secretary General of the World Capoeira Federation.
  Member of he Management Board of the World Capoeira Federation.

Mestre Chumbinho has also been involved in workshops, grading events, performances, and demonstrations in many major cities of China, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore

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