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Start a Capoeira Club in Your City

Want to join Capoeira but there is no school in your city?
No problem.

Start a Capoeira Club in your city with the full support of GCBHK.

To start a Capoeira club is easy.
1. Get your friends together that are interested in playing Capoeira.
2. Get in touch with GCBHK to get you started with the Beginners Foundation Course.
3. Follow the Foundation & Continuity programs through to your first Evaluation & Graduation Ceremony.


Evaluation and Graduation Ceremonies are held every 6 months. The locations will be announced on the website at least 3-6 months before each event so that you have enough time to prepare.

After completing the Foundation Course, a Senior Instructor or higher will need to come to visit your club to review your progress from the Beginners Foundation Course and to deliver and explain the content of the Continuity Course.
This review seminar will require 12 hours of training time with all core members of the local club.
Please contact us for details on the requirements of this review seminar on emial info@capoeira.hk.

From there you may form a goal to become a certified Instructor of Capoeira. To achieve this just follow the steps required to achieve this level.

(link to page) Become an Instructor

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